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Cookies are used on UK Financial Options to run the Google Analytics on the site. The cookie stores a minute amount of data on your PC which is then used by the site. None of your personal information is stored within this cookie.

The cookie is simply there to enable Google Analytics to keep a track of the following factors regarding the visitors of the site; number of visitors, general location of visitors (town and country), time spent on site, landing page, exit page, bounce rate, pages viewed and many other general visitor statistics.

Cookies are not compulsory to view this site and you can block cookies whilst view this site and others. This is easy to do, but the exact instructions for doing this vary from browser to browser. To find out how to block cookies using the browser you currently use, see the help files or do a search online using your favourite search engine.

You can also delete cookies that already exist on your computer. This is also very easy to do. Simply do a search online or see the help files on how to do it with the operating system you are currently using.

Although cookies are only used for Google Analytics by UK Financial Options, they are used for a variety of other reasons on other sites. To find out more about cookies see the following sites, and

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