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Fleet Insurance

Fleet insurance is designed for those who need to have insurance for a number of vehicles, regardless of whether this is an individual or a business. In fact, the limit is usually just three vehicles for most of the major companies offering fleet insurance, making it attainable for even the smallest of businesses. There is also not usually a maximum amount of vehicles that can be insured using this policy.

It must be remembered that insurance is required by law for every vehicle driving on the public highway in this country, therefore a business has no choice about whether they need it for their vehicles or not. They do have a choice regarding which company provides their insurance though, and this choice can influence the cost of the insurance immensely. This is where Track Compare can help.

Fleet Insurance Benefits

Fleet insurance offers a number of benefits when compared to taking out regular insurance for all the different vehicles owned and operated by a business or individual. The main advantage however is without doubt the fact that it can save the policyholder a significant amount of money on their insurance payments, and this is obviously attractive to anyone owning a fleet of vehicles.

The other major reason why fleet insurance is so beneficial is due to the fact that it vastly reduces the amount of administration required, as all of the vehicles are covered by one policy. This means that all insurance is renewed at the same time and that multiple insurance companies don’t have to be dealt with.

The other benefits are:

  • Vehicles can usually be driven by any driver
  • No claims bonuses offered
  • Different types of vehicles can be covered under the same policy
  • Emergency Medical Expense Cover usually offered
  • Payment is flexible
  • Vehicles will be replaced in the event of an accident
  • There is the choice between all the major types of cover

Am I Eligible?

If you have three or more vehicles, the answer to this question is more than likely going to be “yes”. Usually it is businesses using fleet insurance for their vehicles, but others can also take advantage of it as well. For example, an individual who owns three or more cars can use the policy, as can a charity using many vehicles for their work – as already stated, three or more vehicles is the only prerequisite for this type of insurance.

How Does Track Compare Help?

Track Compare can help because we have formed partnerships with many insurance brokers around the UK, therefore meaning that we can get you the best price and policy when it comes to fleet insurance. We also ensure that all quotes are hassle free and delivered back to you quickly, plus they are tailored exactly to your specifications, so you get exactly what you need from your fleet insurance policy.

So, why not contact us today using the contact form on this website and see how much we could save you when you switch your to fleet insurance?

Let us keep you updated with all the latest financial products and services.

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