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Pet Insurance

Welcome to our Pet Insurance comparison section where you can find information and resources to help you find the best insurance cover available for your pets. Insuring your pet can save a fortune in vet bills over the lifetime of your animal. According to the information on the RSPCA’s website the current UK average vets bill is just under £250! The cost of pet health care has increased considerably in recent years.  Pet insurance provides an effective way to manage the cost. We have selected from the top UK pet insurance to assist you finding the cheapest quote.

Compare Pet Insurance Providers

With pet insurance you pay a monthly or annual premium. They will then pay for the vet costs you may incur if your pet becomes ill, injured, or has other medical needs.  Depending on the policy you choose you can also obtain cover where the insurance policy will pay out if your pet dies, becomes lost, or is stolen.

Compare Pet Insurance For The Cheapest Dog And Cat Quotes

Due to the increasing popularity of pet insurance a number of providers have entered this part of the insurance market in the last couple of years. You can now compare the quotes from a number of insurers to find the best cover and the cheapest quote. Whether you are looking to compare dog insurance, cat insurance or even cover for your turtle, take a look at our pet insurance comparison table to find the best deal.

Most pet insurance providers do not cover very young pets. Your puppy or kitten will have to be at least two months old in order to be eligible for cover by most of the top insurers. Also bear in mind that as your pet gets older, premiums will often become more expensive as the risk of your pet needing veterinary care increases.

The idea behind the pet insurance is to mitigate the risk of the high expenses related to illness or injury.  Vet visits have become extremely expensive so that going in for a yearly exam can cost you over a hundred pounds for your pet.  The drugs, techniques, and other issues regarding pet care have become so expensive that taking your pet to the vet without insurance could break your personal bank.  We have also seen that the standard of living for pets has increased and this is one reason pet insurance has become more popular.

For a UK pet insurance policy you can usually find 100 percent of the fees paid for. That can come in handy when average vet costs are so high.   In the US the position is not quite this favourable as you typically see policies that only cover 80 to 90 percent of the cost of the pet care. There is often a deductible in the US as well depending on the company you go through.  Most of the insurers require that the owner pays for the vet’s bill, and then sends in a claim to get reimbursed from the insurance company.

Depending on the policy that you choose you may find that the company only pays out for certain procedures. It is therefore important to choose the cover carefully as the cheap pet insurance offer may not always be the best option.  All pet insurers will also pay out according to their schedule and usage charges.  For a high bill you may be able to put off the payment until you file the claim with the pet insurance company in order to get it paid through the company without having to pay the amount yourself in advance. This is a feature offered by some of the slightly more expensive providers of pet insurance that you can compare.

Preventative care for your dog or cat is usually not covered whether you are in the US or the UK.  Preventative health care means vaccinations, neutering, and other elective procedures that are not absolutely necessary. This is a further reason to take care when you compare pet insurance providers as otherwise these costs will come out of your pocket. If you are looking to buy an older dog or cat, for example, if you have taken in a rescued animal from the RSPCA or other animal rescue charity it is a good idea to check the cost of insurance before you buy the animal for a pet.
Some companies will not insure a pet if it has a pre existing condition of a medical nature.  This means if your dog or cat has been diagnosed with a condition before you seek the insurance coverage you may be declined. This is a good reason to begin insurance while the pet is still healthy and young in order to continue the pet insurance coverage later on in your pet’s life.

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