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Van Insurance

Van insurance is becoming more popular within the insurance community.  Many of the companies have been offering different, yet competitive Van insurances to their consumers.  This means you have several choices in finding a company that will work for you, rather than the other way around.  Some of the companies you may find yourself dealing with include Norwich Union, Rac, AA, Swinton, Cornhill, and Endsleigh.  A few others are NFU Mutual and Bennetts.  The first thing you will need to do of course is find a quote from these companies or some of the new companies.  Tesco, Budget, More Than, and Saga are new companies on the market who are trying to bring the premiums you pay down to an affordable rate.  The good news for you is that no two companies will have the same policy.  They may be similar but that doesn’t mean one company won’t have something better than the other, especially the newer places.

There are a few things you need to learn about searching for a quote.  Some individuals just take the first quote they find thinking that they are considered to be high risk motorists.  This first quote could be the most expensive and it is often unnecessary.  Having a van doesn’t necessarily mean you will be perceived as a high risk motorist.

This high risk comes from a stereotype that just isn’t correct.  AA is the first company to show that they do not support the stereotype.  In fact they have been offering some of the best quotes since 2003.  AA took a deep look at van drivers as well as other roadway drivers.  They found that those driving a van had some of the cleanest driver’s licenses.  In fact most van drivers go at least 4.5 years before they file a claim.  Seventeen percent of the van drivers will file a claim each year, which is lower than car drivers.  Twenty- five percent of car drivers file a claim every year.  Now that there has been four years between this study AA is still finding the information they found to be accurate.

The have been other recent studies completed by other companies like Tesco.  They are finding the same things are true with van drivers being less of a risk.  Tesco has a new insurance arm in which they believe one in five drivers of vans have taken an advanced driving course or other further training.  This means that most of the van drivers will make fewer and smaller claims than car owners, due to the additional training they have taken.

There are numerous reasons as to why the claims for van drivers would be lower.  One of those reasons centres on the self employed individuals.  Those who are self employed driving a van need to have that vehicle to work.  If it is damaged then they are off the road until it can be repaired.  For a small business this could mean an end.  So if they take the time to drive carefully as well as get a little more in training then they are going to stay safer.  Another area is the maintenance on the vehicle itself.  Most small businesses and self employed people need to get to work on time, which means they need to take care of the vehicle.  These reasons and others make it very important for van owners to compare the insurance rates and quotes they get before making a decision.  Since the companies are taking a more active look at what van driver’s really do, a van owner should have to put up with high premiums.

To find the perfect policy takes time.  While time can be a bit restricted if you have a small company you should still be very careful and diligent in your search.  You need to take at least an hour to shop for van insurance.  Luckily an online search will cut down on the time it used to take.  It will also save you money for calls.  When shopping for insurance you shouldn’t just rely on the online information.  In fact you need to find the top two or three companies you are interested in and then call to ask questions.  There can be some information online that is not necessarily clear to you.  The companies like AA, Budget, Swinton, and Endsleigh offer no obligation quotes when you are online.  This means if you don’t find the quote you are searching for you are under no obligation to buy the policy.  Most of the quotes online will be good for a week or two.  This gives you plenty of time to search around for more options and make sure you have the one you need.  Churchhill and Tesco are two other companies that allow you to check their quotes online.  Some of the van insurance companies you find online are going to be comparison sites.  In other words they look at all of the sites online, get you a quote for them, and allow you to compare on one website.  You should still head to the company’s website to make sure you haven’t missed anything, but this could narrow down your search.

In some cases when you search for the best quote as in the lowest you are going to get what you pay for.  Some insurance companies cut down on the actual coverage in order to make the quote lower.  This could hurt you in the end.  So make sure you have the best rate with the coverage you need.  Don’t sacrifice things.

Van drivers can be in a bit of trouble in the end though if things go wrong.  Most insurance companies, even AA will make it a bit difficult if something does go wrong.  It is not like owning a car.  In the next year it could be harder to find the best insurance once you file a claim.  Vans are also about 10 percent more likely to breakdown than cars.  This can cause your insurance quotes to go a little higher as well.  So be careful when you are searching your policy to make sure you have the best options and that the company is willing to work with you.

Lastly when you search for insurance you don’t have to stick with the same insurer every year.  You can shop around to find a company each that may have better premiums.  This is not always the case as some companies tend to offer discounts if you stay with them, but some companies lure you in and then increase the amount.

Let us keep you updated with all the latest financial products and services.

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