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Current accounts. What is a current account and what makes it current? I think a current account means that it indicates the state of your money at any given time. A current account is like the current news or current newspaper. Whereas a savings account stays quite static if we are using it for the correct purpose which is saving. If you want to claim all types of benefits and pensions these days you need a savings account or a current account. Also if you want to pay your bills by standing order or direct debit mandate you will need a current account with a major financial institution. If you want to pay a bill by debit card or cheque you will definitely need a current account. If you only have a savings account you will have to go to the bank and get them to issue you a counter cheque. Life is so much easier with a current account as long as you leave the correct money in it. You need to choose your current account or savings account carefully. You can find help at UK Financial Options.

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Credit Cards | Loans | Business Finance | Insurance | Debt Solutions | PPI | Bank Accounts | Financial Information