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Japan is working on changing their investment market.  The government may be blocking hedge fund’s bid to increase its stake.  The hedge fund wants to increase its hold in the power utility, which is a very appealing investment at the moment.  It has a low value.  Nikko’s assets are about 120 billion dollars since joining form Fidelity Investments in 2004.  Some of the other companies are based on world measures such as the price to book ratios and earnings which makes it attractive.

The Japanese government is citing the national security concerns with an opposing bid by the Children’s Investment fund.  It may take a double stake in the Electric power development.  Wilder who has been researching the companies and investments disagrees that Japan will reject the overall move though.

Japan is not just standing around they are trying to make it a more friendly place to invest.  They don’t want you to ignore the economy.  Japan has the second largest economy in the world and that means for investments it is the perfect place to be.  Japan advised the Children’s Investment Fund to take a bigger step towards investing in J- Power which is a very larger wholesaler in Japan of electric.

The Children’s investment fund has so far decided not to take the advice though.  They are finding erroneous information, now the government has to decide on whether they will accept TCI’s request that they made without taking advice.  J power is nuclear technology so the government may want to protect against that.  The real problem is the Japanese government didn’t make a clear explanation regarding the process and the standards which could cause more issues.

Demand for pension funds and institutional investors in Japanese stocks is also changing.  There is a call for more investors to be a part of the investing in these areas.  The last nine months has showed that Nikko and Citigroup are making a move by adding about 2 billion dollars in local assets for the European, Middle Eastern and North American investor.

There is also a strong show of foreign demand.  Overseas investors have been buying in the Japanese market since the beginning of the year.  They have bought a net of 820.5 billion yen in shares to trade in Tokyo.  There has also been a trade of 1.1 trillion yen form last June in the Japanese market.

Some say that too much of the trading is discounted to book value making it a worthwhile one.  There has been more than 1700 companies in the Tokyo stock exchange that have bought price to book at .5 or less.  This ratio of less than one means trading is below the actual company market value.

Shares of companies in the index are 1.46 time the book value in some areas compared to 2.63 on the Standard and Poor or the 1.83 of the Dow Jones.


A long term commitment in Asia is something many investors are looking at and money is continuing to go that way.  If you are an investor however small or large you might want to take a more in depth look at the current market in Japan.  With the stocks on the cheap side you could end up making a great deal over time.  It is a better market at the moment than others.  There have certainly been issues with the North American and UK markets will a lot of fluctuation.  With Japan it seems to be going up and will continue that way as long as others around the world continue to invest.  The time is now before things rise.


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