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Stolen Card Details Used in Hotel

Anris Teivans had to appear before the town magistrates in East London to plead guilty on six counts of fraud by false representation. This was a week ago.  The charges came about from his use of stolen credit card details.  The 26 year old booked a room at the Courtlands Hotel in Wilmington Cards in May.  He handed over a GE capital credit card and used a false name.

Not only did he purchase the hotel stay with the credit card, but soon after his check in he began to receive packages to the room.  A satellite navigation system and golf shoes were some of the purchases made on an Essex credit card.  He also purchased a book with a Brighton credit card.

He did collect these items while in the hotel room.  Alison May the prosecutor on the case stated that the credit cards were still in the possession of the owners of the Essex and Brighton cards.  Once the items bought with the cards were picked up by the fraudster he checked out of the hotel and booked himself into the Cavendish Hotel with another name and yet again another stolen credit card.

At this hotel the person was on his laptop in the reception area, perhaps buying more items with stolen numbers when the police arrested him.  The officers also found that he had bookings at the Langham Hotel in Eastbourne where a couple of more items were waiting for him to pick up.

Graham Pithouse is the defender in this case.  His client decided to plead guilty due to the charges crossing the custody threshold.  The other reason for this was to get a lighter sentence on the fraud since he has been in jail since his arrest and pleaded guilty to the charges.

The magistrate didn’t seem concerned over the fraudster’s remorse as several innocent people were affected and credit card theft is a huge ring in today’s society.  Still the fraudster’s 16 week sentence has been suspended for 12 months and there will be no costs because of the time in jail already.

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