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Having credit cards is becoming second nature to many of Britain’s residents but can sometimes be used for the wrong reasons such as couples / families using “plastic” to supplement an income that simply isn’t available.

This can lead to debt related issues and repayments which are unaffordable due to the income not being available in the first place.

Are credit cards really as important as some card holders make out?

In modern day times, it can be considered part of English heritage to have cards but there are major downsides from having a credit card for the pure sake of doing so.

The reasons for applying for and having a credit card need to be reasonable and not to just be used for shopping sprees as this has been the main causes behind the large increase level of debt which exists on credit cards.

Before considering submitting any credit card applications, it would prove an idea to consider exactly what cards have to offer in terms of benefits and APR rates in comparison to those of other European countries and beyond.

With this in mind, it can be vital to compare credit rates to those of our counterparts because with the introduction of the euro, credit cards could be similar (if not identical) when being used abroad so it could be important to familiarise yourself with all rates and charges.

What to consider with credit cards?

If you are looking to submit a credit card application then you need to consider all elements and potential risks of taking on credit /store cards because whilst lenders won’t disclose such information, you need to research lenders and their rates as much as possible for the best cards.

Never hesitate to ask questions as this will help you establish which is going to be the best credit card for your requirements and by ensuring you are 100% with the responses then it will be a lot simpler to match up its suitability.

  • What is the APR rate? This is the most vital part of any credit cards and whilst this will vary from lender to lender, it could be anything from 14.9% to 39.9% but your personal rate will be entirely dependent on your financial circumstances
  • Is the APR rate fixed? With many lenders offering introductory rates on credit cards, it is usually submit to change after 6 months / 1 year (many credit card holders miss this in the small print) and can be hit with higher repayment charges after the “welcome period” has passed.

Credit cards can be very useful tools if they have reasonable rates to begin with and once you have received it, to prevent problems occurring only use it should it be a matter of life or death because if used daily, you could end up being just one of the many millions of residents in the UK that experience debt related problems.

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